Our School Background

Established in 2010 to commemorate the centenanry of the BLDE Asscoiation, Sri B.M.Patil Public School is a new-age institution. The aim is to build citizens of the 21st century, utilizing the latest educational concepts, while drawing on the legacy of values it has inherited. A combination that will provide students wit the best of the past and the present to face the furure with confidence.

The School is affilitated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi and follows he syllabus prescribed by it. However it also seeks to incorporate the latest international trends that enable the development of individuality, iner-personal skills and more. Towards this end, the school lays emphasis on not only academics but also sports, arts, culture, community and character-buiding activities.

The School has invested in infrastructure that is at par with the best and teaching faculty that guides and enables children to stretch to reach their full potential.


Creating leaders, winners and achievers in a globally competitive world, leaders who will help
integrate India with the rest of the world.


The school has a vision of a future which will be guided by the wisdom of the seeds and a
further vision to serve the ever increasing glory of India.

The school is engaged in providing facilities and opportunities to students to develop strong
and healthy bodies, clear and wide minds, resolute will power and ever-widening horizons of
knowledge and even of wisdom.

The school is dedicated to serve the highest interests of nation-building that can ensure vast
synthesis of knowledge and a harmonious perfection of the individual and the collectivity.