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Our School

Established in 2010 to commemorate the centenanry of the BLDE Asscoiation, Sri B.M.Patil Public School is a new-age institution. The aim is to build citizens of the 21st century, utilizing the latest educational concepts, while drawing on the legacy of values it has inherited. A combination that will provide students wit the best of the past and the present to face the furure with confidence.

The School is affilitated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi and follows he syllabus prescribed by it. However it also seeks to incorporate the latest international trends that enable the development of individuality, iner-personal skills and more. Towards this end, the school lays emphasis on not only academics but also sports, arts, culture, community and character-buiding activities.

The School has invested in infrastructure that is at par with the best and teaching faculty that guides and enables children to stretch to reach their full potential.

The Bijapur Lingayat District Educational Association (BLDEA) was established in the year 1910. It is a not for profit organization catering to the educational needs of under priviliged children and widening educational opportunities. Promoting religious, scientific and general literature is one of the important objective of the Association. BLDEA aims to achieve this objective by establishing schools, colleges and free student hostels for poor students. The Association with a rich history of more than a century is dedicating for multi-literary development through its wide educational and cultural institutions network.

Lower strata of the society and poor are the association’s target group. BLDEA has successfully completed its 100 years of fruitful, influential and proud existence. Presently 75 institutions are functionong under the aegis of BLDEA in various streams starting from primary, secondary, high schools to PU Colleges, Autonomous Arts, Science & Commerce Degree Colleges, Engineering College, Medical College, Business Schools, Pharmacy College, Nursing College and professional instittutions like Colleges of Education, Polytechnics & BLDE University. Thus, the Association has contributed significantly in development of educational sector to the country.

Principal’s Message

Mrs Parveen Jamadar, Principal

Dear Parents,

The 21st century is not in the distant future – it is today. We do not have a moment to lose in preparing our students to compete and to succeed.

In this globally and digitally interconnected world, all learners, from cradle to career, need new skills and knowledge to succeed. If we want to prepare our children for success in school, work and life, opportunities to learn 21st-century skills are essential.

As educators, we constantly strive to prepare our students for the ‘real world’ that exists around them. We teach them how to read, write, and calculate. Then, of course, there are the tangible skills we teach; such as how to work in a team, think critically, and be curious about the things they encounter each day. We want to prepare them to lead productive and successful lives once they leave us and enter into the realm of adulthood.

But what lies ahead for our students in the future? Did educators of twenty years ago know that so much of our world would be based on computers and technology now? Unlikely, but yet they had to do their best to prepare their students for this world anyhow.  Similarly, we need to paddle our best in equipping the students with the 4 Cs- Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity.

We, at Sri B. M. Patil Public School are approaching towards education in a new perspective:

  • Bold, creative and innovative educational ideas.
  • High level of educational experimentation.
  • Use of practices proven to improve student success.
  • Use of multiple approaches to address different learning styles.
  • High level of staff morale and engagement.
  • High level of experiential learning to develop Arts-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics skills.
  • Partnerships that lead to industry and community interface

Team SBMPPS urges all the stake holders to join us in the process and be the change we want

Health Security & Safety

Learning Support

The school welcomes students with moderate learning difficulties, in other words, students with special educational needs, provided that it is able to meet these needs and can enable each student to have the chance to fulfill their potential. The Student Support Services team of the Primary School works collaboratively with other team members, class teachers, specialist teachers, teaching assistants and parents to support learning and emotional needs of students. The team members help students through the use of variety of strategies. They work together to ensure that the individual needs of each student are met. These support services support school programmes and to enhance student opportunities for learning. The services are designed to assist students both in managing curriculum requirements and in participating fully in school life.

Primary aged students with special needs are offered services at 3 levels. In Level 1, students are supported all the time in mainstream classes with differentiation in the classroom and students are withdrawn for less than an hour in a week. In level 2, the students are identified as having needs that require individual support for more than an hour but less than 5 hours. These students opt out of foreign languages. In level 3, the students seem to have significant difficulties to be supported in mainstream classes throughout so they are withdrawn for support for more than 5 hours and mainstreamed when they are ready.